Electric power security alarm system G30E

Electric power security alarm system G30E發布自HONG KONG SINDA TECHLONOGY

關鍵字 GSM Alarm system, alarm system, security alarm system

The GSM alarm system adopts GSM network and Digital Signal Processing technology, and is widely used in security field. This system is mainly applied to the security of power transformer, electric transmitting line and street lamp line etc. With the advantages of good waterproofness, practicability, good quality and stability credibility etc, the GSM power alarm can be used in various environment of outdoor. With SMS data transmission and voice platform of GSM network, it is really realizes wireless alarm control and remote managements and solves the limitation of wired data transmission in telephone and wired network
Main function
1. With 8 routes of wired input alarm.
2.Monitor 3 phase loss voltage and single phase failure of the electric distribution network.
3.Can connect line-cut/movement/vibration sensors etc., It will alarm when power transformer is damaged or moved.
 4.Send SMS to 6 preset mobile phone numbers automatically while alarming.
5. Auto-dial 2 preset phone numbers and monitor the alarm site while alarming.
6. Can program the alarm host and inquiry its status by SMS demand
7.Can report the communication status of alarm host in fixed time everyday.
 8. Can set fixed-time arm/disarm.
9. Completely sealed aluminum outer shell: waterproof, anti-corrosion, fireproof, strike preventing which are suitable for outdoor installation.
10. Resist electromagnetic interference, lighting and thunder(New)
11.The system has power-off protection function. When the external power supply is damaged or the power is off, the system can continue to work with a backup battery.
12. Can install the solar battery that can supply the power for alarm host and charge the backup battery.(New)
13. External power failure alarm: when the system checks out that there is something wrong with the external power or the external power is off for more than 2 seconds, it will alarm immediately
14. Can connect with the alarm center through GSM network.

關鍵字 alarm system, GSM Alarm system, security alarm system