Camera security alarm system G90E

Camera security alarm system G90E發布自HONG KONG SINDA TECHLONOGY

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Can connect with four routs of cameras.
Can call you and send SMS
Can send MMS to your mobile phone
Can send pictures to your e-mail
Can match wireless detectors/sensors with mainframe by learning code
Can connect wired detectors/sensors with mainframe  
1. IR thermo image monitoring , this detection technology can eliminate the false alarm caused by environmental reasons.
2. It has real-time mobile AV alarm and e-mail image back-up receiving model.
3. You can monitor the site by mobile phone at any time.
4. You can use mobile to monitor the voice at the remote site.
5. Alarms will activate the pre-recorded voice messages and inform the users immediately.
6. Easy operate with a wireless remote control device by simple mobile instructions. 7. You can setting if the siren and beacon device to be activated when alarm happen.
8. Under emergency situation EMSD key can silently inform any designated users.
9. With IR night vision camera, it provides full time 24 hours day and night monitoring function.

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