Maxclean microfiber wiper 1000series and 2000series

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出自: Maxclean (WuXi)Technology Co.,Ltd. Shenzhen Branch  2011/04/15
關鍵字 Microfiber wipers


Polycel  Wipe  is  composed  of  55%  cellulose  and  45%  polyester.
-  Chemically  pure  material  that  is  strong  and  high  absorbency.
-  Processed  and  packaged  in  ISO  Class  5,  it  is  ideal  for  critical  environment  application.

- 55% cellulose, 45% polyester
- Cleanroom processed and Packaged in Double Bag.
- Variety of sizes and packing options.
- Excellent Sorbency with Solvents.
- Ultra-soft, non-abrasive texture cleans surfaces without scratching.
- General Purpose Cleaning.

- Cleaning and Polishing Stainless Steel Surface.
- for spill control and general wiping in ISO Class 5 & 6 Cleanroom facilities.
- Superior Cleaning for LCD-TFT and LCD-CSTN & Plasma TV Screen.

Standard Packing:

關鍵字 Microfiber wipers

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