Maxclean Blue Sticky Roller

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出自: Maxclean (WuXi)Technology Co.,Ltd. Shenzhen Branch  2011/04/15
關鍵字 Sticky rollers


Maxclean  Tacky  Rollers  provide  the  most  efficient  means  of  removing  even  the  smallest  particles  from  flat  surfaces  such  as  walls,  tabletops,  floors,  ceilings,  etc.  Particulates  are  limited  by  the  lifting  action  of  the  roller  as  it  passes  over  the  surface.  The  adhesive  on  the  tacky  film  not  only  removes  contaminants  but  also  provides  an  inhibitor  to  prevent  microbial  growth,which  makes  it  suitable  even  for  non-cleanroom  use.  The  specially  designed  rollers  effectively  capture  and  transfer  particles  and  contaminants  from  surfaces  to  adhesive  rolls.


Tacky Rollers are composed of polyethylene sheets coated with acrylic-based adhesive. Fast,efficient and easy-to-use. The unit consists of a reusable, non-contaminating plastic roller handle and a disposable roller refill containing the adhesive sheets. The standard core diameter sizes are designed to allow maximum efficiency to effectively clean wide or narrow areas with less frequent sheet disposal.

Strong, non-toxic adhesive coating.
Especially formulated water-based adhesive treated with anti-microbial agent.
Easy sheet removal.
Durable, reusable plastic handle.
Specially designed to efficiently clean hard to reach areas.
For cleanroom and non-cleanroom use.

關鍵字 Sticky rollers

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