Maxclean Blue Sticky Mats

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Maxclean  Sticky  Mats  are  produced  using  the  most  advanced  technology  for  adhesive-coated    contamination  control  mats.  Formulated  and  developed  to  meet  the  stringent  cleanroom  particulate  specifications.  Used  on  entryways,walkways,  traffic  areas  where  particle  contamination  is  to  be  controlled

MAT-2436B-H45 Size
26"*45" Thickness: 45 Micron Viscosity:High Packing: 30sheets/Mat 8or10mats/Brown box

Description:Maxclean Sticky Mats are produced using the most advanced technology for adhesive-coated  contamination control mats. Formulated and developed to meet the stringent cleanroom particulate specifications. Used on entryways,walkways, traffic areas where particle contamination is to be controlled. It is composed of easy to peel-off, disposable sticky mat layers that can effectively capture 99% all foot-borne and wheel-borne particulates from entering the controlled working environment.Each mat is composed of multiple layers of polyethylene films coated with custom high tack adhesive laminated together into a stack. When the top layer becomes sufficiently soiled simply peel it off to expose the next clean sheet of sticky mat.It utilizes a water-based acrylic adhesive, which has a pH of 7-8 and doesn't contain benzoic acid. Certified by RoHS to be free from heavy metals and hazardous chemicals. STANDARD GRADE SPECIFICATION Description Sizes Sheets/Mat Colors inch cm CleanroomStickyMat 26 x 45,Blue 24 x 36, Blue 18 x 36 ,Blue Option AvailableCustomised SizeWhite and Gray

關鍵字 Sticky Mats

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