Blue face masks SOP round elastic/ribbon

出自: Maxclean (WuXi)Technology Co.,Ltd. Shenzhen Branch  2011/04/15
關鍵字 face masks


Masks  available  in  spunbond,  combined  polymer  (ES)  &  cellulose  composite
Increased  security  of  wearing
Dual  elasticated  fitting  to  head  and  lower  neck
Some  users  may  find  this  more  comfortable  than  the  ear-loop  type

Over loops can be constructed of the following material options1.Knitted elastic (KE) - good cost effective loop2.Elasticated polyeuathane (Mobilon-PU) - lint free ideal for cleanrooms3.Knitted tubular elastic(MOP) - soft and comfortable4.Polyester wrapped elastic (opelon-COP) - completely hypoallergenic  
Size:21''*9'' or 18''*9''

關鍵字 face masks

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