Intelligent Fingerprint Time Attendance

Intelligent Fingerprint Time Attendance發布自Security Kit Store Alarm

出自: Security Kit Store Alarm   2010/01/10
關鍵字 fingerprint access control

 Main Feature
• Fingerprint capacity:3000,(10000,30000)
• Management Record Capacity:1000
• Storage Capacity:60000• Communication:RS485,USB port,RS232,TCP/IP
• Function:Pendrive to download the data.
• fingerprint angle:360°
• Failed Recognition Rate:〈=0.0001%
• False Acceptance Rate:〈=0.01%
• Identification Mode:fingerprint, password,fingerprint+ID card (125K) or fingerprint+IC card
• Embeded ID module or embeded IC module.
• Anti-static:〈15KV
• Operating Humidity:20%-60%
• Operating Temperature:0°- 45°C
• Power: >5V• Access Control:option
• Output of the access control: 3A/24VDC  relay output, Wiegand26 output• Access Control function:50 time zones, five groups, 10 open door combination.
• Blackout Attendance:4-6 hours
• Language: English, Chinese.
• On Board Buttons/Inputs:     
- Esc, Menu, Up, Down, OK, (0-9 numeric key pad) Speaker, Fingerprint scanner, ON/OFF switch, Ethernet port, USB Com port, DC 9V power input, USB Input, LED Power Indication   
* Software Application Parameters:     
- HR Information Settings
- Company, Department, Staff, Leave Registration, Leave Inquiry, Job, Education Background, Nationality, Address, Job Position, Job Title, Religion, Dormitory     
- Advance Management Settings
- Attendance Rules, Rules Setup, Shift Setup, Rostering, Roster Table, Holiday Setup, Leave Application, Overtime Application, Manual Input, Analysis Rules     
- Report - Attendance Analysis, Daily Attendance Report, Monthly Attendance Report, Detailed Attendance Records, Departments Report      - System Management - User Management, Database Cleanup     
Note: These are Primary Access points - each parameter includes a much detailed characteristics that allows a maximum input of information regarding employees
• Product Notes     * No more swipe card or RFID Cards   
* Concord speed finger response rate   
* An even better system than what they use at The White House!    * Industries most user friendly software to provide you with a quick way to reading and analyze the systems recorded data and information    * The finger scanner unit is also a portable unit that can be mounted in a variety of locations and even carried around thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery.   
* Important Note for Hourly Employers: The cost of missed labor hours can be very high. Studies have shown that if you have 20 employees receiving pay for merely 4 minutes of "wasted" time per day (coming in late, leaving early, extended lunches, etc.), that will total 1600 minutes per month. If your average pay rate is $12.00 per hour, then you pay an extra $320 each month for work that was never done. Add in an estimated employer contribution on government benefits and other taxes, then your annual cost is above $5000 for that empty time. The solution to removing this lost time is Fingerprint clocking, its unique and cannot be shared among employees.

Package Contents    
* Fingerprint Access Control and Time Attendance Device   
* Power Adapter (100-240V)    * Software CD    * User manual - English

關鍵字 fingerprint access control