three eccentric multi-level hard-seal butterfly valve

three eccentric multi-level hard-seal butterfly valve發布自toppipe Internatinal Supply Co., Ltd.

出自: toppipe Internatinal Supply Co., Ltd.  2009/10/14
關鍵字 pump and valve

 Its structural designed with Three-dimensional eccentric principles, hard and soft seat seal is compatible with multi-level structure, processing with superb technology advanced. This product is from valve body, butterfly plates, multi-level valve seat, stem, transmission organizations and other major parts. Because this product uses a three-dimensional eccentric principle design, the space trajectories of sealing surface are idealized, and there is no friction and non-interference between the sealing surface. And with right sealing materials, butterfly valve has reliable guarantee for the sealing, anti-corrosive, high temperature and abrasion resistance, etc. Its main features are as follows: 1. Open the torque is small, flexible and convenient, labor-saving and energy-saving. 2. Three-dimensional eccentric structure, so that the butterfly plate is more closed more tightly. Its sealing performance is reliable and non-leaking. 3. High pressure, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and long service life, etc.  

關鍵字 pump and valve

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