Attapulgite Clay

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關鍵字 anit-corrosion, desiccant, molecular sieves,

 Structrue and CompositionAttapulgite is a kind of crystalloid hydrous magnesium-aluminum silicate mineral, having a special laminated chain structure in which there is a crystalline lattice displacement existed.Thus it makes the crystals contain uncertain quantities of Na+, Ca+, Fe3+ and Al, and present in the shape of needles, fibers or fibrous clusters. Its ideal molecular formula is:Mg5Si8O20(HO)2(OH2)4·4H2O. And the theoretical chemical component is SiO2 56.96%, (Mg, Al, Fe)O 23.83%, H2O 19.21%. Features Sanitation Specification:Arsenic <=0.5 mg/kgLead <=1 mg/kgMercury <=0.03 mg/kg Technical Specifications:Granularity, Ø1-4mm% >= 90Deposit Density, g/ml ~ 0.90Saturated Water Absorption (25oC), % >=50Water Absorption Speed (25oC, relative humidity 40%, 7 hours)% >=22.48Loss Rate, % <=1.5Water Content for Packaged Product, %<=2.0 Application 1.Construction industry2. Agriculture,graziery,mixed farming3.textile,5.geological exploration, marine drilling6.Bleaching and water treatment7.washing auxiliary detergent8.molecular sieve9.desiccating agent10.Cosmetic Raw Materials11.Plastics and rubber filler12. Others

關鍵字 anit-corrosion, desiccant, molecular sieves, nano materials, rare earth mineral,

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