Rapid set sulfoaluminate cement

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Rapid hardening cement  

Rapid Hardening Cement is produced by grinding sulpho-aluminate cement clinker, consisting of essentially anhydrous calcium sulphoaluminate. Suitable gypsum shall be blended with clinker during manufacture of rapid hardending cement. Besides the high early strength property as fast setting cement, rapid hardening cement has some other characters such as low alkalinity, small expansive ratio, short stability time and small dry-shrinkage rate, compounded with glass fiber. Rapid hardening cement has high strength retaining ratio and longer work-time, so it is the special cement for making GFRC products. And it is also named as low alkalinity rapid hardening cement. 

Rapid hardening Cement Techinical Data Sheet:
1.Specific surface area: ≥ 350 m2 /kg.
2.Setting time: Initial set ≥ 25min, Final set ≤ 240min. It can be changed according to customer's request.
3.Strength: Grade Compressive strength (Mpa) Bending strength (Mpa)   1d 3d 28d 1d 3d 28d 42.5 33.0 42.5 45.0 6.0 6.5 7.0 52.5 42.0 52.5 55.0 6.5 7.5 7.5 62.5 50.0 62.5 65.0 7.0 7.5 8.0 72.5 56.0 72.5 75.0 7.5 8.0 8.5  
Rapid hardening cement Properties:  
1. High early strength and high strength properties Its compressive strength can reach 35-50Mpa within 1 day, 50-70Mpa after 3 days, and it also can grows continually with the increasing of curing age.
2. High froze-resistance property: If used at the temperature as low as 0-10℃,which early strength is 5-6 times than that of OPC; if used in 0-20℃ with little admixture, its strength in 3-7d can reach 70-80% of designed strength, with very little strength loss after 300 times of froze-thaw circle.
3. High impermeability: because of its dense structure, the impermeability of the concrete is 2-3 times than that of OPC in same grade.
4. Anti-carbonation property: it has good anti-carbonation property, and low dry-shrinkage.
5. Corrosion-resistance: it has good corrosion-resistance quality, especially much better in seawater corrosion resistance than that of high anti-sulphate Portland cement, with more than 1 corrosion-resistance coefficient.  

Rapid hardening Cement Main Applications:  

This low alkali rapid hardening cements can be used to produce light-weight slab of internal and external wall, and GFRC products,such as:
1. Winter construction. 2
. Urgent repair works,urgent projects,rapid construction,railway tunnel projects,bridge and road construction,anticorrosive projects
3. Spraying anchor and supporting engineering,water conservancy facilities and offshore projects,maritime work
4. Cement products and prefabricated components,industrial and civil engineering
5. The production of electric poles and other cement parts,GFRC products,decorative components,decorative wallboards
6. The production of GFRC products,such as,cast-in-place concrete cored material,GFRC wallboards,ventilating flue
7. the configuration of special project materials,roadways, airport pavement, industrial floors and parking decks. Its is also performance well for patching roadways, sidewalks, street maintenace, bridge decks, tunnel and mines,etc  

Rapid Hardening Cement Package:  

Rapid hardening cements is available 1 ton-jumbo bag.   Rapid Hardening Cement Notice in usingrapid hardening cements Rapid Hardening cement is similar to Portland cement in color and most mixing and use procedures.When rapid hardening cement is used in any temperature different than the normal 20℃(70°F), special attention should be made to the setting time limitations and requirements.Field test should be made to fine-tune the water/cement ratio and the retarder percentage to be used to reflect the temperature, humidity and job conditions.Calculated amount of retarder should be mixed with water prior to concrete mixing.    

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