Low alkalinity fast setting CSA cement

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 The product obtained by grinding sulphoaluminate cement clinker, consisting of essentially anhydrous calcium sulphoaluminate. Suitable gypsum shall be blended with clinker during manufacture of low-alkalinity cement. The product has low alkalinity and small free expansion property. It is hydraulicity binding material. The code no is L-SAC. The product carries out the standard: JC/T659-1997. The strength grade depends on its7 days compressive strength. There are three grades: 32.5, 42.5 and 52.5. The product achieved a class second provincial prize of excellent new product, a class third provincial prize of improvement science and technology. It is one of important new product of state. The item code is 98G041F6200009. l        Main specifications 1.      Specific surface area: ≥400㎡/kg. 2.      Setting time: Initial setting time: ≥25 min.    Final setting time: ≤180 min. 3.      Alkalinity To the cement paste under the condition C/W=10:1, the PH after hydrating 1 hour is less than 10.5. 4.      Free expansive ratio: Under the condition cement/sand=1:0.5, the free expansive ratio is 0.00%-0.15% in 28 days. 5.      The strength in different age are not less than the following: Grade Compressive strength (M pa) Bending strength (M pa) 1d 7d 1d 7d 32.5 25.0 32.5 3.5 5.0 42.5 32.0 42.5 4.0 5.5 52.5 39.0 52.5 4.5 6.0     l        Properties: Besides the high early-strength property as rapid-hardening cement, low alkalinity cement has some other characteristics such as low alkalinity、 small expansive ratio、 short stability time、 and small dry-shrinkage rate, compounded with glass fiber. It has high strength retaining ratio and longer work-time, so it is the special cement for making GRC products. l        Applications: The cement can be used to produce light-weight complex slab of internal and external wall, and GRC products such as corrugated tile, net-frame slab, ventilation duct, and some other structures. Pic1: GRC net-frame slab used in Beijing West Railway Station. Pic2. Used in Beijing Yayuncun(Asian Games Residence) Pic3. Used in new Hankou Railway Station Pic4. Used in Beijing Wuzhou Hotel Pic5. Used in Tianhe Airport in Wuhan

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