YWP360 tray-free packing machine

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出自: Qingdao U-Power Packing Machinery Company  2009/11/04
關鍵字 Packaging Machinery

   YWP360 tray-free packing machine is a horizontal pillow-type tray-free packing machine, capable of bag-forming, packing, sealing and cutting automatically. It is suitable for collective biscuits packing without tray. Biscuit shapes of square, round, ellipse are all available. ELECTRIC FEATURES: -Integrated PLC control reduces trouble points as less as possible -The digital indicator installed with this type of the machine shows the size of the film to be cut and packing speed, capacity and all the other date. -Cutter suspension at fixed position.  Automation on-off set of vertical sealing -The inverter is convenient and simple to adjust the motor speed. -The photo sensor is used to test the black mark on the film, none contacting points and two-way tracing are available. MECHANICAL FEATURES: -Design of mechanical structure is simple and reasonable, which makes the operation easy and reliable. -Adopting obdurate vertical sealer system makes the vertical sealing stable and smooth. -According to objects of different heights, the center of horizontal sealing unit can be set rise or fall freely for convenient adjustment. -Object feeding position adopts speed differential structure, and also can be adjusted during operation. -Packaging without pallet, could save cost effectively. APPLICATIONS: Capacity: 20-80 packs/min Bag size: Length: 100-240mm Width: 40-80mm High: 40-70mm Floor space: Main machine: 4020×1150×1840mm Conveyor: 3100×580×1130mm Power consumption: 4.5kw Power supply: 220V 50HZ Net weight: 1500kg Packing material: Any heat melt-cut sealing materials like Paper/PE, OPP/PE, OPP/AL/PE and etc.

關鍵字 Packaging Machinery

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