YWA450s Packing Machines

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出自: Qingdao U-Power Packing Machinery Company  2009/11/04

   YWA450s packing machines consist of a conveyor machine, a code printer, a packing machine and other automatic parts. They are compact, space-saving, stable, smooth, with high speed.. This food packing machine is suitable for packing instant noodles, biscuits, medicines, soaps, tissues, ice cream, chocolate, instant frozen foods and machine parts, daily necessities, etc. The food packing machine is a high-speed automatic packing machine developed by our company. It is designed with a user-friendly operation interface, and adopts new processes, new technologies and new materials to ensure its stability and reliability. This kind of machine is in the lead level of the third generation. MECHANICAL FEATURES: The whole machine adopts modular design. Design of mechanical structure is simple and reasonable, which makes the operation easy reliable.  Adopting double-driven vertical sealer system makes the vertical sealing unit can be set rise or fall freely for convenient adjustment. Object feeding position adopts speed differential structure, and also can be adjusted during operation  According to objects of different heights, the centre of horizontal sealing unit can be set rise or fall freely for convenient adjustment. Safety clutch for special products to protect the packed goods is available. ELETRIC FEATURES:  Any operation mode and the adjustment can be made easily by the control knobs and screws in one front location The digital indicator installed with this type of the machine shows the size of the film to be cut and packing speed, capacity and all the other data. PLC to adopt reduces the mechanical contacting points and makes the system more stable, reliable, maintenance much more simple The inverter is convenient and simple to adjust the motor speed. The photo sensor is used to test the black mark on the film, non-contacting points and two-way tracing are available. Capacity: 50-220packs/min Bag size: length: 70-400mm width:20-140mm high:5-75mm Floor space: 4900mm*1120mm(L*W) Power consumption: 4.7KW single phase 220v Net weight: 1100kg Packing material: any heart melt-cut sealing materials like paper/PE, OPP/PE, OPP/AL/PE and etc.

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