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Blue Color Diamond (Diamondzul)

Are you looking for fancy loose blue diamond? Find a wide selection of fancy blue diamonds for sale. Search for loose blue diamonds, rare blue, pale, brilliant, intense blue diamonds. You can find in our huge variety in many shapes and clarity degrees, blue diamonds with GIA certification, and competitive price, luxury diamonds and unique diamonds.

Loose fancy blue diamonds are completely natural and are usually classified as either teal blue or ocean blue. The color in sea blue, turquoise blue, blackish blue or black blue colored diamonds is caused by the presence of minor amounts of boron in their structure. Green blue or greenish blue (teal) colored diamonds usually contain nitrogen impurities in aggregate form. Blue diamonds come in different intensity: Light Blue, Fancy Light Blue, Fancy Blue, Fancy Dark Blue, Fancy Deep Blue and Fancy vivid blue diamonds.

Certified fancy blue diamonds come in different cuts including princess, emerald, asscher, oval marquise, pear, radiant, heart, and cushion and round natural fancy blue diamonds. DiamondZul offers fancy diamond jewelry made exclusively from natural fancy . All of the fancy colored diamonds you will see on this website are 100 percent natural and guaranteed. In addition to our Blue diamond rings you will find a large selection of fancy colored diamond jewelry at fancy blue diamonds, including fancy diamond bracelets and fancy diamond necklaces.

Set blue diamonds with your mountings such as earrings mount and fancy rings mounting set with lots of blue color fancy diamonds. These colorful pieces often blend clear and blue colored diamonds together in interesting and beautiful patterns and arrangements on all types of items. Our blue diamond jewelry catalogue includes , both simple and elaborate, as well as blue diamond earrings and blue diamond pendants and necklaces. Particularly noteworthy for its eye-catching beauty are the blue colored diamond pendants and colored diamond rings in this collection, with a cool and classy presence they make the perfect final touch to any outfit.

When you choose an engagement ring or mountings, you could amaze your love with choose a blue color diamond engagement ring. Heart cut blue diamond auction going on EBay.

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