Color LCD display wireless GSM home security alarm(ZC-GSM002

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LCD gsm alarm system, 11 wireless defence zones, set time of arm/disarm/partial arm,with color LCD display screen and keyboard on the host.

Color LCD display GSM burglar alarm system main function

* GSM alarm system Adopt wavecome double frequency GSM module.
* With color LCD show screen and keyboard on the GSM alarm system host
* 11 wireless guarding zones (1 wireless SOS zone, 1 fire alarm zone, 1 external power failure alarm zone , and other 8 wireless guarding zones can be defined by user )
* Send SMS to 3 mobile phones automatically while alarming
* Call 3 phones automatically while alarming and drive wiretap
* Set the time of arm/disarm/partial arm* Arm/disarm/partial arm by the keyboard on the host, remote controller or SMS.
* Set the GSM alarm system host by keyboard on the host or SMS
* Modify the name of 8 wireless guarding zones and inquire the status of host by SMS demand
* Define the 8 wireless guarding zones as partial arm/arm by keyboard on the host
* With standby rechargeable battery
* The host automatically stores system status, while its power is off
* Connect with the alarm center through GSM network

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