Base transceiver station cell safety & anti-theft secuirty system and gps tracking systejm

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    Special for cell security in base transceiver station (BTS) or cell site, Using GPS tracking and SMS alter to connect with CMS     Our this system is the spcial monitor and tracking system for the station battery / cell in the  base transceiver station (BTS) or cell site. It have the function of the real time tracking in the center menagerment system (CMS) and SMS alert connect with the CMS ,without extra power supply , It can directly get the power form the inside battery .and it can be triggered by the move or vibration. 24hours montior.    our "GPS tracking anti-theft device" will start,the GSM data , GPS coordinates and vibration detectors on the alarm information will send to the alarm processing center,and we can tracking it real time , And our "GPS tracking anti-theft device" without charge in the case of continuing to work up to one month's time, effectively to help staff and police officers on the cell tracking and detection.     Features:   Communication Technology stability GSM is the most suitable platform for mobile data communications, the communications bandwidth, reliability, security, high;   advanced positioning technology Location information using GPS technology, positioning accuracy, positioning speed of all excellence;   install hidden, easy to use Installed in the battery body, direct access 2V battery powered, No external power supply;   variety of alarm mode Battery vibration, GPS coordinates mobile, GSM exchange and the base station changes alarm code;   network alarm system Alarm centers supporting real-time GPS map coordinates and walking route alarm;    system is stable, reliable Into the cellar in the garage or underground when the income is not GPS coordinates, and timely recorded and reported to the last GPS coordinates User-friendly look. In the case of no external charging the host may continue for one month;   Technical parameters:  initial system boot of time: less than 40 seconds    Machine Power Parameters: Working voltage range: 1.5V---- 3V Machine standby current: 2V/50mA Working Peak Current: 2V/110mA Operating temperature range: -20 degrees ----+ 85 degrees (Note: As power is the step-up use, and to consider the battery voltage is 1.5V, the system should be able to work, so current consumption is greater)     GPS part of the parameters: Working voltage range: 3.2V---- 5V Working Peak Current: less than 100 mA Receiver sensitivity: greater than -160 dbm Cold start time (outdoor): less than 35 seconds.   GPS positioning accuracy :5-20 meters    GSM part of the parameters: Working voltage range: 3.2V ---- 4.2V Machine standby current: less than 6 mA Working Peak Current: less than 260 mA Receiver sensitivity: greater than -120 dbm Response Data: Time ≤ 10 seconds  TX emission output power: 1W    Working frequency band (3 band): EGSM: TX/890 - 915 MHZ, RX/925 - 960 MHZ DCS: TX/1710-1785 MHZ, RX/1805-1880 MHZ PCS: TX/1850-1910 MHZ, RX/1930-1990 MHZ   The details of our this products , please contact with us ,we are hope to make great business with you .  

關鍵字 GPS tracker, GSM Alarm system, Security

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