Bird's Eye Aquarium

Bird's Eye Aquarium發布自AQ Spring Co Ltd

出自: AQ Spring Co Ltd  2011/05/02
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"Bird's Eye Aquarium" is equipped with a detachable top plate, a filter cover and 4 casters.

The top plate can be taken off for tank maintenance, while the filter cover can be pulled out for filter maintenance. Besides, the filter space is so big that you may change only 1/4 volume of water for every 2 months even if you are keeping saltwater fishes with normal density.

In addition, "Bird's Eye Aquarium" is fixed with 4 small wheels so that it can be moved easily on on the floor* during maintenance.

"Bird's Eye Aquarium" is designed to be user-friendly, such that you can enjoy the lovely fishes purely.

* Excluding floor laid with long-thread carpet or those with bump over 1cm.
* The floor must be horizontal.

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