Plastic Packaging Bag,PP Bag,OPP Bag,PE Bag,Ahdesive Bag,Zip Lock Bag,Plastic Carrier Bag,Tubing

Plastic Packaging Bag,PP Bag,OPP Bag,PE Bag,Ahdesive Bag,Zip Lock Bag,Plastic Carrier Bag,Tubing發布自Yip's Poly Bags Factory

出自: Yip's Poly Bags Factory  2010/01/22
關鍵字 Plastic Bags, 塑膠製品, Polybags

Yip's Poly Bags Factory has been providing customers with the highest quality poly bags for all of their packaging needs since 1986. We manufactures custom poly bags in a variety of styles and sizes.  Our mainly are LDPE, HDPE, PP and OPP bags including: Flat Poly Bags, Poly Gusseted Bags, Enclosable Bag, Self Seal Bags with Adhesive Tape, Live Fish Bags, Side Seal Bags, Bottom Seal Bag, Retail Clear Display Bags, Square Bottom Bags, Round Bottom Bags, Tamper Evident Self-seal Bags, Anti Static Bags, Poly Tubing, Garbage Bags, Trash Bag, Garment Packaging Bags, Poly Tubing, Heavy Duty Bags, Custom side Gusseted Bags, Custom Poly Bags, Hang Tab Display Clear Bags, Header Display Bag, Printed Bag, Zip Lock Bag with Printing, Grow Bag, Plant Bag, Plastic Carrier Bag with Logo Printing, etc.

Our factory located in Qiao Li Industry Zone, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.  All production departments are headed by Hong Kong Technicians and running 24 hours a day and possesses advanced equipments, with factory area 60,000 sq.ft, technician staffs of 100 and it has the first class of domestic production capacity and advanced equipment.

At present, 70% of our products are exported to the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Korea, Iran, Egypt, United States, Singapore, Italy, United Kingdom, Russian, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Nigeria, Chile, Denmark, Spain, Mexico, France, Sweden, Middle East.  Please feel free to send me your enquiry.

For more information, please visit our websites: or simply send us a message to

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