Sealed Cup Manual Pad Printer

Sealed Cup Manual Pad Printer發布自LC Printing Machine Factory Limited

出自: LC Printing Machine Factory Limited  2009/08/03
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Sealed cup manual pad printer 100MT
1.Plate area: 100×214mm
 2.Dimension: 400 × 220 × 490 mm
3.Net weight: 30 Kg
4.Printing speed: 500pcs/H.
 5.Max printing area:70×100mm.
6.Horizental Stroke:100mm
7.Vertical Stroke:60mm 
1. Sealed Cup Manus operating .
 2. Easy to change plate.
3. Lower price.
4. Coin aluminum structure.
5. Sealed cup is more environmental protection and ink saving.
Machine Fittings: 
1.One pad
2.One steel plate
3.One operation manual.

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