Portable UV Curing Machine

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出自: LC Printing Machine Factory Limited  2010/08/02
關鍵字 UV Curing Machine

Portable UV Curing Machine   
Scope of application:
It can be used for solidification of flooring painting, model fabrication, molding of handicrafts and scientific experiments.
Surface glazing of marble and granite, solidification of uv painting after the repair
It is applicable for uv glazing of furniture, flooring and other surfaces and field construction work etc.
Solidification of heterotypic uv, molding of molded handicrafts, solidification of medical apparatus and instruments, etc
Applicable for uv adhesive, lab and simply temporary construction and maintenance.

Main features:
The machine is elegant in appearance, compact in size and space-saving. It boasts of wide scope of application, reliable quality, safe service and simple operation.
This machine is simple for operation, it can work on movable basis, with strong freedom and flexibility, and its weakness lies in rather low efficiency.
The imported light source reflector can refract uv light to the utmost to strengthen drying and solidification effect.
Advanced radiating system prevents the work piece from being affected by temperature and extends service life of the strip lamp.
Quartz light filter can be selected as an optional part.

關鍵字 UV Curing Machine

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