Manual Rotating Screen Printer

Manual Rotating Screen Printer發布自LC Printing Machine Factory Limited

出自: LC Printing Machine Factory Limited  2010/08/02
關鍵字 LC Screen Printer, sceen printing machine,

This screen printing machine is for textile/garment screen printing industry, such as garments, T-shirts and sport cloths, bags, PVC sheet, Umbrella, balloon and so on.the machine is suitable for printing products in bulks.

4 Color steel press with stand.
Rotating base and brass bushings.
Consistent front, back, left, right, high and low makes it easy to use for multiple color prints.
There is literally no maintenance.
The head comes assembled & ready to attach to the base.
Location lock that helps lock the arm in place while in the printing position.
All Tubular Steel Construction.
Adjustable Screen Tension Hold Down.
Color: 4 color
station: 4 station
Plate size: 450X550mm
Max frame size: 500X600mm
Max image size: 400x500mm
Net weight: 65kg
Packing size: in 3 cartons, one is 460X460X360mm, the others are 600X500X490mm

關鍵字 LC Screen Printer, sceen printing machine,

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