Heat Press Machine

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出自: LC Printing Machine Factory Limited  2010/08/02
關鍵字 LC Printing Machine

Heat Press Machine  
●Voltage: 220V,110V;

●Watts: 1600W;

●Temperature range:  0-399℃;

●Time control: 0-999sec;

●Printing area: 400mmX500mm

● Package Size of machine:74X56X50CM

●Weight: 40Kg

●  Realtime display of temperature condition: automatic alarm

●Specification: thicker aluminum bottom,digital display,lower price

Product Description


This american type pyrograph making equipment is the specialized equipment for transferring various heat transference calico paper. It is mainly used to pyrograph, transfer, iron out, heat treat the cloth, and increase fastness between printing paste, frothing paste and cloth. Large-sized heat transference machine is also suitable for heat sublimation transference of team wear, knitted sweater, umbrella, ceramics, glass and metal plate, as well as some elaborate products personally processed.




關鍵字 LC Printing Machine

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