Automatic Pen-rod cylinder screen printer

Automatic Pen-rod cylinder screen printer發布自LC Printing Machine Factory Limited

出自: LC Printing Machine Factory Limited  2009/08/03
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1、Objects diameter:φ3~φ20 mm
2、Objects length:70~180 mm
 3、Printing stroke: 20~80 mm
4、Max printing speed: 6600 pcs/hr
 5、Motor wattage: 4.5kw 
6、Net weight: ≈450kg 
7、Outer dimension: 3200×1120×1520mm. 
Advantages︰ × Cleaning screen , adding ink when stopping will not singe objects in drying closet; × With vacuum function seated (selection ) for precision orientation. × High speed printing; × Printing two kinds of diffrent objects meantime is able. × Installed surface cleaning device; × Double blade design for high quality coating ink; × Eletron controlling ensure lower noise; × Automatic feeding and printing; × Printing stroke and printing speed is adjustable; ×Taiwan frequency conversion production installed × IR or UV drying system online.

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