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 Name: GPRS DTU Model: DTU-01 The GPRS DTU is a wireless data transfer unit that embedded with High reliable ARM9 MCU and Siemens MC37i GPRS Engine inside. The GPRS DTU is special for transferring data between RS232/RS485 port and internet through GPRS mobile data network. The GPRS wireless communication has become widely used of industrials and utilities and many customers are requiring reliable, flexible and cost-effective data channel to build their information system. Many applications such as Remote device monitoring, remote read meters, ATM, data logging system, POS, SCADA and surveillance system will require data channels covered all country. GPRS DTU is an ideal solution for factory automation, environmental monitoring and remote device management for M2M industry.

Meanwhile, it is supplied with simple and user friendly PC Configurator to configuration, easy to installation. Model List Table Model No. Description DTU-01 Siemens MC37i GPRS Engine, RS232 Port DTU-02 Siemens MC37i GPRS Engine, RS485 Port The GPRS DTU suitable for below applications: ◆The Electricity Power Industry 1.    Remote Meter Reading 2.    Power monitoring 3.    Streetlight monitoring 4.    Meter monitoring 5.    Control Room monitoring 6.    Power distribution automation remote control systems ◆Automatic monitoring system ◆Vending Machines,ATM,POS ◆The traffic Industry 1.     Traffic instructions 2.     Vehicle Park Guide 3.     Expressway monitoring 4.     Traffic lights control and photograph transmission ◆Water Industry 1.    Water Monitoring 2.    Water Meter Reading 3.    Real-time transmission of the water supply network monitoring ◆Environment , meteorology, oil and other industries 1.     Environmental protection of key pollution sources monitoring 2.     Environmental monitoring 3.     Meteorological monitoring ◆The noise real-time monitoring ◆Oilfield monitoring ◆Heating network monitoring ◆Coal monitoring ◆Seismic monitoring ◆All kinds device with RS232 serial port or RS485 of the PLC, RTU wireless data transmission. In one word, the GPRS DTU suitable for transferring data from device to internet, and transferring data from internet(Monitoring center or server) to device.

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