Internal Combustion Concrete Troweling Machines,MortarTroweling Machines

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出自: Hi power machine company  2009/11/26
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Internal combustion concrete troweling machine has a very high efficiency, and its operation is very easy. It is used to trowel and polish the surface of concrete, which the result is really ideal.     


1.   The unique decreasing vibration handle, which makes the operators control it easily, and feel comfortable with tire reducing.
2.   The centrifugal clutch can guarantee the easy start-up without loading. And it can adjust automatically, which reduces the repair and maintenance. 3.   The pitch ( the obliquity between blade and ground) has a large control area. During the process of operation, it totally applies for various applications in troweling and polishing.
4.   The low gravity design and completely sealed belt protection device, which offers a clean and stable operation. The bigger troweling machine even affixes stabilizing ring, which makes the operation more smooth and successful, and reduces the tire of operation.
5.   The nodular graphite cast-iron blade pitch controller after heat treatment and the bee type structure is disposed by rust prevention, which is durable.  

Technical parameters:

Model PP915
Power 5.5hp
Weight 50kg
Working Wideth 915mm 36 inch  

Optional Accessories:  PP915-A gringding blades (4 pcs/set)

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