Industrial Vacuum Cleaners(Three Phases Heavy Vacuum Cleaners)

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners(Three Phases Heavy Vacuum Cleaners)發布自Hi power machine company

出自: Hi power machine company  2009/12/18
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 Description and Application:
1.  3 phases can work continuously.
2.  Cyclone separator, special star filter and industrial bypass vacuum pump ensures powerful suction and   excellent filtering result.
3.  Compact design, large wheel, easy to move.
 4.  Hepa filter is optional according to your needs.
5.  Apply to machinery, electronics, ceramics, pharmacy and chemical industry and can be  equipped   for production line to improve  working efficiency
 and  save cost.    

 Technical parameters:
 Model PV22/55 PV34/55 PV40/55 PV55/125 PV75/125  PV90/125 PV130/125 PV200/125
Voltage 380V 380V 380V 380V 380V 380V 380V 380V
Power 2.2KW/3hp 3.4KW/4.6hp 4KW/5.4hp 5.5KW/7.4hp 7.5KW/10hp 9KW/12hp 13KW/17.4hp 20KW/27hp
Max.Vacuum 22Kpa 26Kpa 26Kpa 27Kpa 30Kpa 30Kpa 31Kpa 35Kpa
Airflow 306m3/h 306m3/h 306m3/h 528m3/h 528m3/h 1150m3/h 1150m3/h 1150m3/h
Weight 118kg 126kg 126kg 140kg 155kg 180kg 180kg 180kg
 Noise 72dB 72dB 72dB 77dB 77dB 77dB 77dB 77dB
Dust Collector Capacity 55L 55L 55L 125L 125L 125L 125L 125L Filter Area 2.85㎡ 2.85㎡ 2.85㎡ 5.26㎡ 5.26㎡ 8.52㎡ 8.52㎡ 8.52㎡ Filter-cleaning way Manually Manually Manually Manually Manually Electrically Electrically Electrically
 Suction Caliber 63mm/2.5" 63mm/2.5" 63mm/2.5" 76mm/3" 76mm/3" 100mm/4" 100mm/4" 100mm/4"
Dimensions/mm 1060*640*1400 1400*730*1550 1510*950*1990  
  Standard accessories:
1. PV22/PV34/PV40: Aluminum connection nozzle, diameter 63mm/2.5".
 2. PV55/PV75: Aluminum connection nozzle, diameter 76mm/3".
3. PV90/PV130/PV200: flange

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