Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Industrial Vacuuming Machines(Liquids and Solids Separator)

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出自: Hi power machine company  2009/11/25
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 Description and Application:  
OIL series is the indispensable equipment in the mechanical industry where machines tools are used. The main function is to separate the lubricant/oil/coolant from the metal swarf and recover the liquids.   In a CNC machine tool many litres of coolant/oil are used in order to cool the cutting tool during the process. This "liquid" is expensive and has to be re-used. With OIL series, this job can be done in a very short time. The swarf is retained into a basket and just the "liquids" fall down into the main tank where an electrical liquid cut-out will stops the motor asap the maximum level is reached. Then thanks to the gun the coolant is re-ejected into the machine tool for re-using. This operation can be done while sucking the material and has a great advantage in term of money as the oil/coolant keeps its property assuring a perfect workmanship.  

 1. Recycling of collected liquids
 2.Coolant/oils last more time
 3.Improve quality of work
 4.Machine tools last more time
 5.Increased life of tools    

Technical parameters:  
Model OIL22/250 OIL34/250 OIL40/250
Voltage  380V 380V 380V
Power 2.2KW 3.4KW 4KW
Oil Pump Power 1.5KW 1.5KW 1.5KW
Max. Vacuum 22Kpa 26kpa 26Kpa
Airflow 306m3/h 306m3/h 306m3/h
Filter Area 1.08 m2 1.08 m2 1.08 m2
Weight  210kg 210kg 210kg
Tank Capacity 250L 250L 250L
Noise Level 72dB 72dB 72dB
Dimension/mm 1500*600*1580 1500*600*1580 1500*600*1580  

Standard accessories:
1.   2 pcs connection nozzles, diameter 63mm/2.5 inch
2.   Vacuum hose, length 3.3m, diameter 63mm/2.5 inch
3.   Vacuum steel tube
4.   Suction nozzle
5.   400mm/16 inch dry suction tool

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