Industrial Vacuum Cleaners,Indusrial Vacuuming Machines(PF series)

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners,Indusrial Vacuuming Machines(PF series)發布自Hi power machine company

出自: Hi power machine company  2009/11/25
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PF industrial vacuum cleaner series are designed specially for vacuuming chippings, dust and fibers for packaging, textile and paper industry. Unique filter and large capacity dust collector is very convenient for collecting and clearing little chippings, etc. And with one-way valve device, air flow and the absorbate moves on in the same direction to avoid the block. Overload, leakage, phase protection ensures safe operation. Application: Packaging industry: to vacuum chippings during processing of package machine Textile industry: to vacuum dust and fibers during processing of textile machine Paper industry: cleaning chippings and dust during paper making.  

Technical parameters:
 Model PF22 PF34 PF40
Voltage 380V 380V 380V
 Power 2.2KW 3.4KW 4.0KW
Max.Vacuum 22Kpa 26Kpa 27Kpa
Airflow 306m3/h 306m3/h 306m3/h
Container Capacity 115L 115L 115L
 Weight 76kg 76kg 78kg
Noise 72dB 72dB 72dB
Dimensions/mm   1010*530*1190  

Standard accessories:
1.  2 pcs of connection nozzles, diameter 63mm/2.5"
2.  Vacuum hose, length 3.3m, diameter 63mm/2.5"
3.  Vacuum steel tube
4.  Suction nozzle
5.   400mm/16" dry suction tool

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