Floor Grinding Machines(Floor Grinders-L154)

Floor Grinding Machines(Floor Grinders-L154)發布自Hi power machine company

出自: Hi power machine company  2009/12/18
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Description and Application:
Grinding, polishing and vacuuming machines are versatile tools for a wide range of surface preparation jobs. They can be used for cleaning, flattening and smoothing concrete surfaces, leveling out high spots and curled joints, removing coating, mastics, epoxies, urethane, adhesive residues, or paint, preparing for thin-film coatings and polishing concrete and natural stone.

1       Voltage 220V can meet requirements of most places.
2        Low center of gravity makes it easy to operate and working stably.
3        Different grinding head can be optional according requirements.
4        Grinding and vacuuming can work simultaneously with vacuum devices equipped itself.
5        Diamond sheet especially suitable for grinding lower strength surface and epoxy mortar, putty layer.
6       Resin sheet is used for polishing and grinding concrete.
7        4 specifications of polishing pads for your option: 10"  40"  60"  80"  

Technical parameters:
 Specification L154 A L154 B
Grinding Power  1.0kw/1.3hp 1.5kw/2hp
Vacuum Power 1.0kw/1.3hp 1.0kw/1.3hp
Working Width 430mm/17 inch 430mm/17 inch
 Power Requirements 220V 50Hz 220V 50Hz
Rotation Rate  154rpm 154rpm
Weight  38kg 43kg
Packing Dimension (mm)     560*640*1210  


Part Name                                                        Specification
Scrubbing brush                                             D-17A 3m
grinding pad                                                    D-3m
 Sanding paper driver disk                           D-17B
Grinding disk with 4 grinding sheets     B-4
 Sand paper                                                       D-80S 100”/40”/60”/80”
(Optional) Resin grinding driver disk                        D-17C  

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