Floor Grinding Machines,Floor Grinders(L150/L300)

Floor Grinding Machines,Floor Grinders(L150/L300)發布自Hi power machine company

出自: Hi power machine company  2009/11/26
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Description and Application:
Grinding concrete surface and epoxies for not very large area effectively. With vacuum power socket itself, vacuum power cord can be connected to grinder directly.
1. Imported overload protection switch avoids leakage and phases protection. 
2.   Adjustable grinding depth and height of handle, excellent mobility and stability 
3.   With vacuum cleaner connecting system and vacuum power socket itself 
4.   Light, load and unload easily and can work continuously for long periods of time. 
5.   Grinding epoxy layer, high working efficiency. 
6.   Coarse, medium and fine grinding disk for your option 
7.   Cheap grinding head is optional 
8.   Aero rubber material shock absorption, flexible and durable. 

 Technical parameters:
Model L150 L300
 Power 1.5kw 3.0kw
Power Requirements 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz
 Rotation Rate  1430rpm 1450rpm
Weight  48kg 66kg
Working Width  200mm/8 inch 290mm/11.5 inch
Working Efficiency 80 ㎡/h 120 ㎡/h
Packing dimension (mm) 850*440*990    
Model         Part Name                                   Speciation                   Color
D-200A      grinding disk                          Coarse grade                 Blue
D-290A      grinding disk                          Coarse grade                  Blue
 D-200B      grinding disk                          Medium grade                Red
 D-290B      grinding disk                          Medium grade                Red
 D-200C      grinding disk                          Fine grade                    Yellow
 D-290C      grinding disk                          Fine grade                    Yellow     
  D-50          combination grinding wheel head   3pcs/set
 D-261          wire brush grinding disk

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