household water leak detector

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 9V Battery water leakage detector with remote sensor
1.Detachable water sensor
2.Loud alarm 85dB
3.Water resistant

PW-312 water alarm is a 9V battery operated water alarm specifically designed for residential and institutional applications including hospitals, hotels,motels, dormitories, and other multifamily dwellings.
PW-312 water leakage detector protects against water damage anywhere a potential water leak may occur: near a sump pump, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, sink,water heater, toilet and basement. When water is detected, a loud 85 dB alarm sounds lasting up to 72 hours. The 6 foot detachable line cord offers versatility and convenience or placement options. The PW-312 water leakage detector is splash and water resistant and is easy to install and maintain. 


Ergonomic design of detector casing.Fully automatic operation.Easy installation and maintenance.Alarm signal is able to last for up to 72 hours.Using advanced electronic design to accurately detect the water leakage.Sounding a loud alarm signal of exceeding 85 dB at 10 feet at alarm mode.

Water leakage detector Features: 

1.Water Resistance: Splash and water resistant, but not waterproof.Floats on surface. 

2.Shock Resistance:Shock resistant from a 6-ft. (1.8 m) drop onto concreteHumidity:80%RH (non-condensing) 

3.Storage Temperature:-20oF to 150oF (-29 oC to 66 oC) 

4.Operating Temperature:32oFto 120oF (0oC to 49 oC)

5.Sound Intensity:85dB at 10 feet (3.0 m) 

6.Battery Life:72 hours of continuous use (Up to two years depending on use)

7.Battery Type:9 Volt alkaline (not included)

8.Weight: 2.4 oz. (68 g) without battery

9.Dimensions:92mm x 68mm x 29.5mm




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