CE ROHS Gas Detector

CE ROHS Gas Detector發布自Ningbo Hi-Tech Park Peasway Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

出自: Ningbo Hi-Tech Park Peasway Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.  2011/03/22
關鍵字 Gas detector

 Gas detector
1. Intelligent gas detector
2. ROHS gas detector
3. Three LED indicator
4. Test/Hush gas detector

Top Quality gas detector from PEASWAY.

detect LPG, NG, CNG...etc
we can design the gas detector according your requireme

the TOP quality gas detcetor can detect LPG, NG, CNG, propane, methane...etc

The gas detector can close the gas valve when it detect gas leakaging in the house.

We design it according EN50194 standard, and gas detector got CE approved from SGS.

We would like to cooperate with you of this business, kindly please feel free to contact with us to get more informations of this gas detector.

You are welcome, we also supply OEM & ODM service.


gas detector Specifications:

1.Low battery warning
2.Self-Test Button to verify operation
3.Silence function with dual led indicator
4.CO Sensitivity meets EN5194
5.Easy to install, move and maintain


關鍵字 Gas detector

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