Small or Start-up Enterprise Package (S.E.P.)

出自: Floating Dreams Limited  2012/01/11
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Small or Start-up Enterprise Package (S.E.P.) is a marketing solution package offered by V Consultancy. S.E.P. is tailored for assisting growth of small and start-up enterprises. Like other SMEs, V Consultancy understand that outsourced marketing services have never been affordable for small and start-up enterprises. However, they usually need these services the most because of a lack of expertise.

That is the reason why V Consultancy introduces S.E.P. It contains all SMEs need from marketing planning to implementation. With a unique performance-based reward system developed by V Consultancy, services are provided at a low base price, and bonus is proportional to the value added. These make S.E.P the best choice for SME marketing.


Part A – 1-year Marketing Plan
Part B – 1-month Implementation

Package Base Price
HKD 2,400

Determined by customer satisfaction and fulfillment of objectives by V Consultancy

Included in Price
All costs including meeting time with V Consultancy and salaries for consultants, but excluded media costs

Part A – Minimum 10-page report and presentation for marketing plan
Part B – Minimum implementation of 6 tasks from the marketing plan

Suitable for
Product or service launch, market entry, marketing optimization, promotional campaign, branding and re-branding of product or company

Project Duration
Part A (1 month) + Part B (1 month)


Eligible Small Enterprises
  - Annual turnover less than HKD 1,000,000
  - Annual marketing budget less than HKD 100,000
  - Company employs less than 20 staff

Eligible Start-up Enterprises
  - Company established within 1 year

Promotional Package Available Before

31 March 2012

Price and Bonus

Base Price of Part A: HKD 800
Satisfaction Bonus: Percentage of Base Price of Part A
Satisfaction Bonus Determined by: Customer Satisfaction
Minimum Proceeding Satisfaction Bonus: HKD 400

Base Price of Part B: HKD 1200
Performance Bonus: Percentage of Base Price of Part B
Performance Bonus Determined by: Objectives Fulfillment by V Consultancy

Package Base Price: HKD 800+400+1200 = HKD 2400

Content Specification

Part A – Marketing Plan Report and Presentation Content
  - Environmental Scan
  - Situation Analysis
  - Marketing Strategies
  - Marketing Mix
  - Implementation Plan
  - Performance Evaluation Methods
  - Recommendations

Part B – Marketing Plan Implementation Task Examples
  - Search Engine Marketing/Optimization
  - Contact Research
  - Direct Marketing Message Design
  - Publicity Means Design
  - Publication Design
  - Media Research
  - Social Media Marketing
  - Event Marketing
  - Sponsorship Marketing
  - Performance Evaluation

*Package details are for reference only. V Consultancy | Floating Dreams Limited reserves the right to change any of the specified items. Only terms and conditions specified in the final signed contract will be legally binding.

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