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出自: C & K Metal Manufactory Limited  2015/03/30
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Established since 1985, C & K is a 25 year-old manufacturer and exporter of metal accessories for garments and handbags. C & K possesses wide ranges and completed machinery. We specializes in manufacturing metal buttons, buckles, snaps, metal label, rivets , eyelets , rings, chains, hooks, studs, pendants and pins. In expand of products and services provided, we have equipped with new machines continuously. In advanced from having a 2000-square-metre factory in HUIZHOU mainland China, we are popular with customers from the occident countries and the Middle East countries, such as Germany, Poland, Egypt, Pakistan, U.K. , U.S. etc. We are well-experienced in OEM and ODM production. With teams of professional technicians, we are capable of tailor-made products in order to fulfill our customers’ requirements. To ensure high-quality of products, we choose the best materials, likes Alloy, Brass Iron, Stainless Steel, Aluminum from Australia ,Korea , Japan and Tai Wan. We strictly control our sub-contractor and ourselves to meet different international standards. Recently, C &K has a good reputation to supply products with complying most of requirements  U.S.A. lead standard for children and consumer products on CPSIA  European concerns of restricted substances including RoHS & EN71-3. As far as customers concern, we continuously update information on all relevant products, so that to give support whenever our customers needed. Here , I kindly invite you to have quote & development metal trims at CKmetal. For our mission & concepts of business is “ Quality based for products , Responsible based for Customer services “ . I am sure that CKmetal will be your best friend of metal trims in your business . 主要经营服装辅料- 金屬鈕扣的设计、开发、制造业务。產品用途由服裝至手袋、鞋履、帽、泳衣、掛卡、掛飾等都一應駒全! 主要產品 : 牛仔鈕, 撞釘,各款扣, 四合鈕( 喼鈕) , 雞眼/扣眼 , 圈 , 金屬牌, 扣針 公司一向倡导的“以品质为本,以客户为责”的经营管理理念,坚持以真材實料,为客戶解決問題的出发点,潜心探索产品的质量创优,成為客戶生意的摯友。 长期经验和創意构想,令我们能歇尽所能,竭诚服务,满足所有客户的要求

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