DP-6820 airless diaphragm pump & airless spray gun set, in Campbell model

出自: Dino-Power Airless Paint Sprayer Co.,Ltd.  2011/02/28
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 DP-6820 airless diaphragm pump & airless spray gun set, in Campbell model

* Voltage / Frequency:220-240V / 50Hz, 220v/60hz, or 110V / 60Hz 
* Motor: 1HP 750w 
* Max pressure: 250bar / 3650psi
* Nozzle size: 0.013”, 0.015", 0.017", 0.019" (513,515,517,519 airless tip)
* Max. airless tip size: 0.019" (519 airless tip)
* Delivery: 2.0 L / min 
* For Paint viscosity: small to medium viscosity, less than 110s
* Length of high pressure hose in the package:15M
* Maximum length of the hose: 30 meters
* Working pressure for hose:250bar
* Burst pressure for hose:800bar
* G.W.:29KGS; N.W.:27KGS 
* Carton dimensions:48.5x48.5x63cm 
* Cart type airless paint sprayer system in Campbell model, but stronger power, and higher pressure for professional users. 
* Low noise, Low pulse, and low maintenance cost. 
* Equipped with 1hp single-phase brushless induction motor, diaphragm pump, high-pressure spray gun with in-line filter, replaceable spray tip, 15M high pressure hose, lubricating oil, wrench set, and other easily-broken spare parts for repairing. 
* This airless pump sprayer system is suitable for many kinds of colorant, varnish, lacker, Medium to high viscosity water-based latex paint, primer, enamel, waterborne, colorant, stains, acrylic, emulsions, varnish, etc. For Medium size indoor / outdoor wall painting, decoration, construction, etc
* The spray equipment can be used for both water-based and oil-based painting

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