South East Asia: Flood Damage Pollution Assessment & Rehabilitation Services

出自: SLP Environmental Co., Ltd  2012/06/15
關鍵字 Environmental Consultancy

SLP Environmental can help flood affected factory and property owners assess and manage the environmental health and safety risks as well as the financial liabilities associated with the recent flood inundation in Thailand. We offer a complete flood rehabilitation package of works for any flooded property or factory. Our services include:

• Undertaking a thorough site inspection of the flooded premises.

• Mold (mould), bacteria and pathogen testing.

• Post-flood Environmental Baseline Studies (EBS).

• Soil, surface water and groundwater sampling and testing

• The formulation of a Flood Rehabilitation Strategy.

• The appointment and supervision of the cleaning contractor.

• The production of the Health and Safety Plan for the works.

• The provision of all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

• Hazardous substances/wastes management & remediation.

• Validation Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring.

關鍵字 Environmental Consultancy