Site-specific quantitative risk assessment (QRA) modelling is a fundamental component in any environ

出自: SLP Environmental Co., Ltd  2012/06/15
關鍵字 Environmental Consultancy

SLP Environmental offer a complete flood rehabilitation package of works for any flooded property, factory or facility affected by mold/mould infestation. Our services include:

• Undertaking a thorough site inspection of the flooded premises.

• Mold (aka. mould), bacteria and pathogen testing.

• Post-flood Environmental Baseline Studies (EBS).

• Soil, surface water and groundwater sampling and testing

• The formulation of a Flood Rehabilitation Strategy.

• The appointment and supervision of the cleaning contractor.

• The production of the Health and Safety Plan for the works.

• The provision of all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

• Hazardous substances/wastes management & remediation.

• Validation Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring.

SLP Environmental Consultants offer Flood Damage Assessment and Rehabilitation services & also Mold (Mould) Sampling & Testing Services in Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

關鍵字 Environmental Consultancy