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   Hubless/socketless Cast Iron Soil/drainage Pipes has long been employed by the building industry as a reliable drainage system, widely used in sanitary Drain, Waste, and Vent, sewer drainage applications. Compared with plastic(PVC) pipes, cast iron pipe is more durable. Furthemore, cast iron pipe has excellent noise suppression and fire resistant characteristics, and can be completely recycled, it has become architects' first choice for drainage inside the building. 1) For no-hub pipe: Standard: EN877, ISO6594; ASTM A 888, CISPI301 Nominal Size: DN40-DN300. Surface finish: Epoxy resin or anti-rust paint. Packing: Wooden pallets. 2) fittings: For EN877 standard, we can supply more than 100 items. Surface finish: With epoxy resin or powder. Packing: Wooden cases. Packing: Steel cases. 3) Couplings. we have ASTM A888 TYPE, TYPE B, E, CHA, for EN877 standards Material: 300 series Stainless steel and EPDM rubber. Packing: Cartons.

關鍵字 Red tube

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