EN877 cast iron pipe

出自: handan county conscience co.,ltd  2010/01/12
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   Flexible cast iron pipe is used widely in the international norm of one of the main drainage materials, using centrifugal casting, organizational density, thin wall, light weight, stainless steel clamp and the interface used to connect sets of rubber, to facilitate loading and unloading. Flexible drainage cast iron pipe is a new type of drainage pipe used in construction, has been widely used in drainage, sewerage, rain water pipes and ventilation piping systems is the promotion of alternatives to the traditional sand casting UPVC pipes and pipe products. My company produces cast iron drainage pipe model is not only complete, but different countries and regions in line with the standards (such as EN877, ASTM A888, ISO6594, CSA B70, CJ/T177, etc.). Characteristics: durability period over the expected life of the building; incombustible material, not the spread of sparks, non-toxic; anti-corrosive, non-aging; expansion, contraction coefficient; low noise; Flexible earthquake, tolerance and strong, light weight; joint anti - infiltration and seepage; standardized design of the integration (which can be connected with other pipe), beautiful; installation, easy maintenance, and environmental protection can be fully recovered. Low prices, high quality, the appearance of the United States, do not regret your choice.

關鍵字 Red tube

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