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 Polar Bear cementitious self-levelling materials consist of a blend of selected cements, superplasticizer, and aggregates modified with polymers and flow agents. It is used in conjunction with Polar Bear Primer. Polar Bear cementitious self-levelling materials are supplied as pre-blended powder which requires only the addition of water on site to produce a self smoothing, free flowing material. These materials are designed for installation by a continuous mixer pump, but can also be applied by hand. Functionally they are divided into two categories: underlayments (CSA-II and CSA-III) and overlayment (CSA-I).

1.        Fast application by pump, enables large areas of floor to be completed in a working day
2.        Rapid hardening and curing allows speedy access for foot traffic and overlaying with carpet, vinyl etc.
3.        One pack product, applied by pump eliminates on-site batching and ensures consistency of mixed product
4.        Dimensionally stable, can be installed in large areas
5.        Excellent adhesion to prepared substrates
6.        Environmental friendly
1.        As underlayment for epoxy, PU etc.
2.        As leveling material for PVC, tiles, carpets and wooden floor.
3.        As wearing overlayment.
4.        As decorative flooring material

Application Instructions
1.        The substrate should be clean, sound and free from loose material and contamination such as plaster, oil, paint and grease. The substrate should have a compressive strength of at least 20MPa and a surface tensile strength of at least 1MPa (pull-off strength).
2.        Excess laitance should be removed by mechanical methods followed by vacuuming and water cleaning to remove dust debris.
3.        Oil and grease can be removed by chemical detergent followed by water cleaning.
4.        New concrete should be at least 14 days old.
5.        In case of porous substrate or hot weather, the substrate should be ponded with clean water for 1~3 hours before priming.

The object of priming is to seal the substrate to prevent air release from the subfloor rising and forming bubbles and pinholes on the surface. Extremely porous substrates may require two priming/sealing coats. Primer coats must be allowed to dry before applying the self-levelling material.

Pumping or Mixing by hand
1.        This is a specialized activity and the product must be applied by a recommended contractor who has been fully trained in the use of the product and equipment.
2.        In case of installation by hand, pour the mixing water into the clean mixing vessel. Add the whole bag of powder slowly to the water, mixing continuously with a heavy duty drill fitted with a suitable paddle. Mixing should continue for at least 3 - 5 minutes
3.        Whatever pumping or mixing by hand, make sure that a smooth creamy consistency is obtained.
4.        Do not mix more material than can be reasonably laid within the flow time of the material. However, ensure that subsequent mixes are ready to enable continuous pouring.

1.        Make sure there is no ponding of primer before pouring the material.
2.        pump should be used for large area application.
3.        Pour the mixed material on to the dry primed surface, spread with trowel and allow to self-smooth. Roll surface with the purpose made spiked roller. Best results are achieved when the pouring and leveling is a continuous process.

1.        The material should be removed from tools and equipment with clean water immediately after use. Hardened material can only be removed mechanically. Curing Curing is not essential normally. But in case of high environmental temperature, direct sunlight or windy weather plastic sheet should be used to cover the hardened surface for 2 days

Self-levelling material 25 kg/bag
Consumption:1.7~1.8 kg/m2 · mm

In areas that are subjected to regular water immersion or chemical attack from acids or organic solvent, it is recommended to protect the self-levelling material with an epoxy floor coating. For more information please refer to the technical support of Polar Bear.

Concrete substrate onto which the self-levelling material is to be applied must have a surface temperature of at least5℃, with the air temperature of at least 10℃.
Avoid direct sunlight onto the applied floor or wind blowing over the floor surface during application and the initial stage of curing.
When used as an overlayment,an appropriate sealer should be used to enhance the wearing resistance as well as the colour shade.

Polar Bear self-levelling material should be stored on pallets in dry conditions. Under these conditions the product will have a shelf-life of 6 months.

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