calcium sulfo aluminate cement

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出自: Tangshan Polar Bear Building Materials Co., Ltd  2011/11/18
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Calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) cements are a class of specialty cements that are included in the family of rapid-setting cements. Rapid-setting cement is used in many applications such as bridge decks, airport runways, patching roadways, sidewalks, etc. where rapid strength development is necessary. Additionally, CSA cements are sometimes used in shrinkage compensated concrete by mixing with portland cement and for controlled low-strength materials (CLSM) used for diggable back-filling of utility trenches.   CSA cements offer tremendous advantages over portland cement in terms of strength, speed and greeness.Its main features are early strength, high strength, concentrative hydrating heat release, fast setting time, good fluidity, high frost resistance, excellent impermeability, high corrosion resistance,low carbon,etc.   It can be used in the following products: 1.Tile Adhesives and Grouts 2.Concretes repair (for example bridges, airport runaways and parking apron, etc.) 3.Technical Rapid-Setting Mortars (for example restoration and repairs, etc.) 4.Self-Levelling Floor Screeds 5.Sprayed Concretes and Shotcretes 6.Mining Products 7.Plasters & Mortars (i.e. Joints, Sulfate Resistance, No-Shrinkage, etc.) 8.Special adhesives 9.Concrete Precast Products,etc  P.S.: We also produce the above series and CSA Expansive Agent.

關鍵字 concrete additives, CSA cement, CTS Rapid Set cement,

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