T8 1.2M LED Tube Light

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出自: Hubei Yunchuan Optoelectronic Science & Technology Co., Ltd  2012/03/27
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T8 1.2M LED Tube Light

1.      Concise oxidation process, convenient installation.
2.      Stable performance, internal high performance constant-current power supply, no noise, no stroboscopic, vision protection, good color consistency.
3.      Long lifespan: the normal working life is 50000 hours.
4.      Environmental protection: no UV, no mercury and other harmful substance.
5.      Unique twice optical PC cover, 90% light transmission rate.
6.      Optional cover: milk-white, transparent, transparent stripes.  

Comprehensive Parameters:
Input Voltage: 85-265VAC (50/60Hz)
Power Supply: Isolation type, internal
Color Temperature: 2700-7000K
Whole Lamp’s Luminous Efficiency: 70-90lm/W
Material: aluminum alloy (shell), PMMA (lens)  

Application Place:
Widely used in shopping mall, office, corridor, factory, house and other places.  

Advantages Compared to the Traditional Tube:
1. No noise: LED tube will not produce noise, and is suitable for sophisticated electronic instruments place, library and office.
2. Eye protection: traditional tube using alternating current will generate 100-120 strobes per second, while LED tube using constant current (AC direct conversion into DC), effectively reduces the LED photo degradation, starts fast, without flashing, in order to protect eye.
3. Adjustable voltage: traditional tube is light through rectifier’s high voltage. When the voltage is low, it can not be light. But LED tube can be light within a certain voltage range.
4. Solid, reliable and universal: LED tube’s cover is made of strong PC material, so it is solider and not yellowed after long time. Though it falls down at some time, it will not be easy broken, and be used safely. The LED tube adopts national standard size and lamp holder, so it can replace traditional tube well.
5. Security and stable quality, low working temperature, working between -30℃ and 55℃. 

Item Number Power of Light Source Luminous Flux External Dimension Remark
WZ-T5-W100 7 W 400 lm D16*L600 mm Driver inside the holder
WZ-T5-W150 10 W 560 lm D16*L900 mm
WZ-T5-W200 13 W 800 lm D16*L1200 mm
WZ-T8-W144 10 W 540 lm D26*L600 mm  base:G13
WZ-T8-W216 14 W 860 lm D26*L900 mm
WZ-T8-W288 18 W 1200 lm D26*L1200 mm

關鍵字 LED light, LED tube

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