5W High Power LED Bulb

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出自: Hubei Yunchuan Optoelectronic Science & Technology Co., Ltd  2012/03/21
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High Power 3W/5W/7W/9W LED Bulb  
Feature: 1.      The lamp shell is high-quality die-casting aluminum or section aluminum, with good heat dissipation.
2.      Light distribution technology changes LED point sources into surface light source, in order to increase the light emitting surface, eliminate glare, and eliminate eye strain.
3.      Integrated design of lens and cover has both spotlight and protection function, avoid the double waste of light, and make the product look more concise and beautiful.
4.      High power LED cluster flat package, and integrated design of heat sink and lamp holder, meet the needs of LED’s heat dissipation and guarantee lifespan, suitable for any design of LED lamp’s structure and shape, with LED lamp’s distinguished feature.
5.      By using super bright high power LED light source and high efficiency power supply, LED bulb save more than 80% energy than the traditional incandescent lamp, and its brightness is 10 times than incandescent lamp in the same power.
6.      No filament and glass shell, no fragmentation problems of the traditional fluorescent lamp, no harm to human body, no radiation.
7.      By using standard lamp holder, LED bulb can directly replace the existing halogen lamp, incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp.  

Comprehensive Parameters:
Input Voltage: 85-265VAC (50/60Hz)
Power Supply: Isolation type, internal
Color Temperature: 2700-7000K
Whole Lamp’s Luminous Efficiency: 70-90lm/W
Viewing Angle: surface emitting
Material: aluminum alloy (shell), cover
Lamp Holder: E26\27、E14、B22、GU10 for choosing(default E26\27)    

Application Place: Widely used in exhibition hall, club, supermarket, office, reading room, tea house, coffee shop, cabinet, bar, KTV, house, corridor, hotel, meeting room, school, museum and other indoor places.  

Advantages Compared to the Traditional Bulb:
1.      Energy-saving. Each lamp’s power is only 5W, i.e. 200 hours costs 1 kilowatt-hour. It saves more energy than the common small nightlight.
2.      Long lifespan. LED’s theoretical life is 50000 hours. If LED bulb works 10 hour per day, it can last for near 10 years.
3.      Good light color without UV. There is no ultraviolet in the ray. While the UV light in fluorescent lamp and high-voltage lamp can make furniture, calligraphy and painting change color.
4.      Quakeproof, no pollution. LED bulb is made of aluminum and PVC, not easy to be damaged, and can be 100% recycling used. The traditional light bulbs are made in glass; many bulbs are broken in the production and transportation before sales. Some bulbs are also broken in daily use, not worn out. The harmful metal powder inside the fluorescent lamp comes out and directly harms you and your family! 5.      Optional variety of color. Suitable for all kinds of atmosphere in various places  

關鍵字 led bulb

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