50w LED High Bay Light

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出自: Hubei Yunchuan Optoelectronic Science & Technology Co., Ltd  2012/03/27
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50w LED High Bay Light  

1. Lighting surface adopts anodic oxidation anti-corrosion treatment and both inside and outside anti-quake design, with compact and beautiful structure.
2. Using high purity aluminum as reflector, wide angle, uniform illumination, no glare, and no stroboscopic effect.
3. Using lightweight alloy materials and high-tech spraying technology, anti-rust, anti-corrosion.
4. Using piping and other new technology, good integrity, reliable sealing, and good dust-proof effect.  

Comprehensive Parameters:
Input Voltage: 85-265VAC  (50/60Hz)
Power Supply: waterproof, Isolation type, internal
Color Temperature: 2700-7000K
Whole Lamp’s Luminous Efficiency: 70-90lm/W
Material: aluminum alloy (shell), optical glass (lens) Installation: hanging  

Application Place:
Widely used in boatyard, mine, workshop, factory, storehouse, road toll-gate, gas station, big supermarket, exhibition hall, gymnasium and other places.    

Advantage Compared to the Traditional Mining Light:
1.      Unique multiple chips integrated single mode light source design; selection of imported high brightness chip; auto-packaging, high thermal conductivity, low photo degradation, pure light color, no double image.
2.      Using constant voltage and current control; wide voltage (AC85V-265V) avoids the noise caused by ballast, and pollution harmonic wave caused by power net; eliminating eye strain caused by instability and flicker of light.
3.      Long lifespan, 50000 hours: the unique chip technology guarantees the working life of the light source. Integration design of heat sink and lamp housing guarantees the life of whole lamp.
4.      High color rendering index, real rendering color, all kind of optional color; can satisfy the different environmental requirements; eliminate repressed emotion caused by traditional lamp’s too high or too low color temperature; the comfortable observation improves working efficiency.
5.      Energy saving is obvious; using multiple chips integrated high-power LED light source and high efficiency  power supply; saving more than 75% energy than the traditional lamp in the same brightness. 6.      Green and pollution-free, no lead, mercury and other pollution elements.
7.      Excellent decorative effect; appearance with special surface treatment technology; simple installation, convenient disassembly, wide application range.  

Item Number Power and Quantity of Light Source Power of Whole Lamp External Dimension
WZ-GK-W30 30W*1PCS 31.6 W D320*H320 mm
WZ-GK-W50 50W*1PCS 53 W D320*H380 mm
WZ-GK-W70 70W*1PCS 74.2 W D470*H500 mm
WZ-GK-W100 100W*1PCS 105.6 W D470*H560 mm

關鍵字 LED high bay light

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