Worry about food contamination or nutritional imbalance outside your home country??

出自: Mineralysis  2012/09/08
關鍵字 eczema, autism, anti aging

Contributor Description Minerals imbalances and toxic metal exposure are important causal factors of a number of degenerative diseases, like poor memory, eczema, allergic rhinitis, allergies, low energy levels, chronic fatigue, infertility, cancer, poor growth in infants/children, frequent infections and attention deficit disorder. A hair mineral test can test for totally 37 minerals for screening of any heavy metal poisoning or mineral imbalance. We have been providing this service in Hong Kong since 1999.

關鍵字 Alzheimers disease, anti aging, attention deficit, autism, detoxification, eczema, environmental pollutant test, hair test, headaches, heavy metal poisoning, heavy metal poisoning treatment, lead poisoning test, mercury test,


No more suffering from food allergies發布自Mineralysis 縮略圖

No more suffering from food allergies

The test is performed in USA, turnaround time is about 3 weeks and follow up by our nutritionist.