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We can help you to achieve the optimal health status via our holistic nutritional advice. We will not only show you how to achieve the right level of nutrients, but also how to prevent toxic substance exposure (toxic metals, pesticides) and use food to counteract and detoxify the body from toxic substances. Infant nutrition-if your child is found to be allergic to dairy products, can you obtain sufficient calcium from other food choices? Pre and post pregnancy nutrition-frolic acid, a member of the vitamin B complex, is essential to prevent neural tube defect of the growing fetus. What foods are rich in frolic acid and are they suitable to you body pattern? Adult nutrition-how to use food to prevent cancer, diabetes and normalizing their blood lipid, cholesterol profile? Anti aging nutrition-what foods can rejuvenate your cells and decelerate degeneration of organs – eyes, brains, kidney and liver. Therapeutic nutrition-what foods can improve liver functions for hepatitis B carriers? Anti cancer nutrition-what natural foods that can help to minimize cancer recurrence and how to reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Report interpretation-your physician or doctor may not have enough time to explain your condition and your blood test report, we can help to explain in detail and teach you how to control your condition nutritionally. Other than offering western nutritional consultation, we also provide consultation under the theory of traditional chinese medicine nutrition. We always put much effort in integrating the nutritional knowledge of from East and West in order to improve and enhance your health. Nutritional knowledge under the theory of traditional chinese medicine can alleviate symptoms like cold intolerance, low energy levels, constipation and skins problems caused by poor dietary habits.

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Environmental Pollutant Test

Urine environmental pollutant test identifies if one is excessively exposure to toxic chemicals from household products, shampoo, cosmetic products and from food containers.

Food Allergy Test發布自Mineralysis 縮略圖

Food Allergy Test

Chronic symptoms like headaches, eczema, allergy rhinitis, diarrhoea, poor growth, water retention and chronic fatigue can be due to consumption of foods which triggering food allergies. A Food Allergy Test can help you to choose the right foods and avoid those foods which trigger allergic reaction to you.


Hair Drug Test

Worry about drug abuse among children, partners or staff? The answer is in their hair. Sampling is much easier than urine, while result is far more accurate and meaningful as longer history of drug use can be unveiled.


Hair Mineral Test

Hair mineral test guides you to choose food and supplements to maximize your health, vitality and reproductive functions.