Environmental Pollutant Test

出自: Mineralysis  2012/09/06
關鍵字 anti aging, detoxification, Alzheimers disease

Urine environmental pollutant test screens for 7 toxic chemicals exposure from household products, cosmetic products, toys, drug capsules or foods.

關鍵字 Alzheimers disease, anti aging, detoxification, environmental pollutant test, headaches, pregnancy preparation, water retention,



Nutritional Advice

We provide nutritional advice based on Western and Chinese Medicine Nutrition. We specialize in dietary therapy of infertility, pregnancy preparation, learning problems in children, attention deficit, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, hypertension, elevated uric acid (gout), cancer recovery and prevention, heavy metal poisoning, skin problems and detoxification.

Food Allergy Test發布自Mineralysis 縮略圖

Food Allergy Test

Chronic symptoms like headaches, eczema, allergy rhinitis, diarrhoea, poor growth, water retention and chronic fatigue can be due to consumption of foods which triggering food allergies. A Food Allergy Test can help you to choose the right foods and avoid those foods which trigger allergic reaction to you.


Hair Drug Test

Worry about drug abuse among children, partners or staff? The answer is in their hair. Sampling is much easier than urine, while result is far more accurate and meaningful as longer history of drug use can be unveiled.


Hair Mineral Test

Hair mineral test guides you to choose food and supplements to maximize your health, vitality and reproductive functions.