Vinyl ester glass flake topcoat (primer)

Vinyl ester glass flake topcoat (primer)發布自Hebei Lidong Co., Ltd.

出自: Hebei Lidong Co., Ltd.  2010/03/06
關鍵字 Epoxy resin, Epoxy powder coating

Vinyl ester glass flake topcoat (primer)

Summary:It can be used for harsh environments, steel and cement surface equipment, facilities underground and the equipment wall (such as marine facilities, oil tank, sewage treatment equipment, and the reactor, tank, pickling equipment pipeline trench, rod to raise the anti-corrosion and other important sites for long-term anti-corrosion protection.

Characteristic: This product has superior anti-oil, sewage and chemical-specific resistance, low moisture permeability, hard coating, good wear resistance, curing shrinkage of small, strong adhesion.

關鍵字 Epoxy powder coating, Epoxy resin,