Special red for phenolic univ-31

Special red for phenolic univ-31發布自Hebei Lidong Co., Ltd.

出自: Hebei Lidong Co., Ltd.  2010/03/06
關鍵字 Epoxy resin, anti-corrosion coating, epoxy paint,

Special red for phenolic univ-31

Uses: widely used in the anti-rust steel surface rendering, suitable for the protection of railway steel coating (TB / T 1527) standards set forth in the section I and II Coating System.

Characteristics: The special section from phenolic resin, Hongdan powder, additives and solvent composition. The paint dry faster and has good adhesion and anti-rust properties.

關鍵字 anti-corrosion coating, epoxy paint, Epoxy powder coating, Epoxy resin, industrial coating, industrial paint, liquid coating, powder coating,