Gray micaceous iron oxide aldyd paint C0-9

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出自: Hebei Lidong Co., Ltd.  2010/03/07
關鍵字 Epoxy resin, anti-corrosion coating, epoxy paint,

Gray micaceous iron oxide aldyd paint C0-9

Usage: Widely used in coated steel bridges, steel and reservoir on the surface of various steel, rail steel suitable for the protection of Painting (TB/T1527) standard provides the Painting II system.

Characteristics: This paint is the alkyd resin sheet mica iron oxide pigments, solvents and additives such as modulation derived. The section will adopt the most advanced production processes, and to better resolve the problem of subsidence-iron, construction, convenience section of the good weather resistant powder anti-oxidation and moisture permeability.

關鍵字 anti-corrosion coating, epoxy paint, Epoxy powder coating, Epoxy resin, industrial coating, industrial paint, liquid coating, powder coating,